The Story of the ‘Cowardly Lion,’ a Spontaneous Personality

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, gravity well, spontaneous personality, The Wizard of Oz, Cowardly LionIn our last post, we began to look at the narrative of a spontaneous personality, using as our starting point a character from the classic tale The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion

Here is that Lion’s story, loosely adapted from the well-known book and film.

Most of the time, the Lion enjoys being what he calls the King of the Forest (of course, this particular character is boasting of his prowess, when he’s actually quite timid – which is why he seeks courage). The Lion enjoys meeting people and the excitement and privilege that accompanies being a ruler (or at least, a self-proclaimed leader), but some days, the mundane details of ruling a forest bore him to tears.

The Cowardly Lion has a bit of a secret that he tries to hide from his subjects by being gruff and blustery and full of hot air: He’s afraid…of almost everything. The Lion – or the Cowardly Lion as more of those who know him regard him – realizes that if people find this out, he will lose face big time, which will put into jeopardy his position as a king (or the king of the forest). (This would be a travesty – his favorite mane-dresser doesn’t come cheap!)

This Lion has a stunning collection of Tiffany lamps (he’s afraid of the dark). He picked up most of them at auctions and even a few at Emerald City yard sales – he adores the excitement of winning and collecting unique items, and he tends to be an impulse buyer, like a lot of spontaneous types. If he likes something, he goes for it (which is why he became fast friends with Dorothy).

The charisma and friendliness of our Lion make it easy for his subjects to love him (not that he has seen many of his subjects in person – he just knows they’re there). He’s outgoing, however, and has friends and acquaintances aplenty. The Lion relishes being involved in everyone else’s business and keeping tabs on what’s new and hot in the Forest of Oz. He just needs to address his little issue of courage.

In our next post, we’ll look at how you would communicate with someone with a spontaneous personality such as our Lion – the words, approach and values to highlight.

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