The Story of You and Your Customer

Beneath the Cover, uncovery sessions, more effective in engagingIn our uncovery sessions with clients, we work with them to have them tell us the story of their business, and also the story of the journey they want their customers or clients to take with them. We help clients create virtual scenic routes so that their clients’ needs are served.

We all tell a story about ourselves inside our heads. “A story makes you what you are.,” writes Patrick Rothfuss in The Name of the Wind. “We build ourselves out of that story.”

For buyers – or clients – several pieces makes a story effective. Now, data is useful when measuring success – but when data is told in a story, it’s much more effective in getting across your point. We step into stories and connect with the hero – this is much more effective in engaging with an audience than telling them through figures and statistics why you are better. They need to feel it – and a narrative does that for them.

Think in terms of the hero’s journey that the mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell identified, in parsing stories that have been told and retold over the millennia:

A hero’s journey features an Identifiable character who:

  • Yearns for something bigger
  • Answers a call to action
  • Takes a transformational journey
  • Returns home

These steps involve also the birth of the hero, the call to adventure, assistance, departure, trials, treasure, results and a new life.

With a buyer’s journey, the steps are similar. The buyer:

  • Is an identifiable person
  • Has a felt need
  • Looks for a solution
  • Finds a solution in what you offer.

The steps involved here are variations on the hero’s journey. The buyer has a felt need, finds a website, takes a measurable step, finds detours and forks in the road, finds road signs that move him or her forward, makes a purchase, receives a purchase returns to everyday life with new results, shares with family and friends and returns to engage again.

In our next post, we’ll look at the steps to take for these components.

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