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Beneath the Cover, writing a book, uncovery sessionPeople think they know what they do, or what they want to do. But they’re actually often pretty vague about it.

They believe they know who their customers are. They think they know what their ideas consist of and what their message is. But when we ask them to identify the specifics of a customer, or to articulate their ideas or to tell us their message in so many words, they’re often at a loss for words. People know what they know but can’t often express it. And sometimes they may not know clearly exactly what it is they do know and who it is they serve.

This is normal.

Many people we work with, when we meet with them to talk about how they want to become known – generally it’s a result of the work they do that involves a way of helping people live better lives – are surprised to find themselves at a loss for words. These folks, who are ambitious and smart and determined, generally assume a knowledge of the marketplace based on their particular results and their instincts, which have served them well in their business. They can provide details on sales results but no real analysis of them.

Often these brilliant entrepreneurs haven’t really spent time exploring different aspects of their business, their approach to making and building sales and serving their customer and even, sometimes, their own ultimate goals. When you run on instinct you sometimes rely so much on instinct that you don’t explore what in particular makes things work for you and your company. Sometimes, too, when these entrepreneurs can articulate their goals, these goals might be at odds with what they really want to do with their company.

Knowing what you do and who your customer is will create a bridge between your objectives and your client’s objectives. You will have a stronger business. You will, if you are writing a book, have a stronger book with a clear message that gets to the heart of your process.

That’s why we created a process to uncover these things. It’s what we call an Uncovery, and it is an intense look at someone’s motivations, soul purpose, personal goals, professional yearning and desire for legacy. The thing is, we all want to leave a mark of some sort – but we often don’t take the time to examine ourselves deeply enough to arrive at an understanding of our gifts, our personal genius or our ultimate goal.

In our next post, we’ll look at the steps we take during an uncovery session. Then, in future posts, we’ll take you through that process, with stories of some of our clients and how they broke through toward a true understanding of what makes them thrive.

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