Understanding Personality Types – Part 1

Using personality types to improve marketing and communications does not have to be hyper complicated.  Rarely is it useful to get down into the finer details of personality type.  In other words, you don’t have to have a psychiatry degree to use personality type in marketing.  You simply must understand a few parameters of human behavior.

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg would refer to personality typing as the Human Operating System.  Mentally healthy and normal adults cannot act outside of the operating system.  When we take the parameters of the major personality differences and then add in the dynamics of  the particular products/services you are offering, life becomes a little simpler.

The first important behavior parameter to understand about our personality types is logical v. emotional.

Logical decision makers need facts, figures, and some sort of logical justification to move forward with a purchase. Value, specifics, guarantees are all examples of logical buying triggers.

Emotional decision makers are more concerned with the experience and the emotional impact of a given decision to buy.  They want to know how something will feel and who and how it will affect them and others.  Often they must feel good about the seller first. Testimonials, videos, about us pages are all examples of emotional buying triggers.

To get started, you will make two lists.  Give yourself 3 minutes to write each list.  The first list you will want to write down every logical reason to buy what you are selling.  Then give yourself 3 minutes to write this a list of all the emotional reasons to buy your service/product.

You can make this list immediately useful by going to your product/service description on your site and determine which things are on your list, but not on your site.  Then, you will want to include all the reasons from your lists on your product/service detail page.  Typically you find that there are a good half dozen benefits of your service that you have left out.  Once you include them, you will have a more powerful page that speaks to more needs than you were before.

In the next post, we will discuss the differences between deliberating buying behavior vs. quick decision buying.

Please share with us what you found interesting on your lists.

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