Understanding the Spontaneous Personality for Your Work

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, spontaneous personality, impulse with actionIn my last several posts we’ve looked at the competitive personality. Here we’ll begin to look at the spontaneous personality type. As I mentioned, knowing who makes up your audience, from an individualized perspective that you can obtain from personality studies, can help you better target and speak to your audience. We work with our clients during our uncovery sessions to target their audience (or to help the clients understand who their audience is made up of), and to take them through the different personality types to do that.

Here, again, we look at the spontaneous personality.

One question a spontaneous might ask is this: “How fast can you deliver that product?”

That’s because spontaneous personalities live almost entirely in the moment. Their sensing preference makes them most grounded in the immediate world. This, coupled with their perceiving preference, helps them to remain poised and fully present in any situation. They are available, flexible and engaged in a personal quest for action and impact, which defines who they are.

For the spontaneous personality, they do what they feel is right, and right away. It’s integrity the unity of impulse with action. Spontaneous people prefer the personalized touch and search for new and exciting experiences. They dislike dealing with traditional details, and would rather “feel” than “explain.” They are often quick to reach a decision and they fear missing out on anything life has to offer.

  • Attitude: Personal, activity-oriented
  • Use of Time: Spontaneous, fast-paced
  • Question: Why is your solution best to solve their problem now?
  • Approach: Address immediate needs with relevant credible options

The Spontaneous personality is encapsulated by these characteristics, attitudes and words:

Characteristics Likes Dislikes Useful Words
Creative Action Conflict Clever
Entertaining Quick challenges Details Exciting
Fast-paced Experience Missing out on things Flexible
Friendly Personal touch Fun
Impatient In the moment
Sensitive New
Undisciplined Playful

A spontaneous personality type wants to know the following: “How can you relieve pain or give pleasure right now?”


Quick Fixes

Meeting new people and trying new things

Excitement and adrenaline


Long explanations

Being bored



Core values

Enjoying the moment



Fast-paced living

Filling immediate needs

In our next post, we’ll continue to look at the spontaneous personality type.

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