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Beneath the Cover, website strategy, website marketing, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellWe’ve been exploring the importance of the visual elements of your home page, to attract readers further into your site and your gravity well. Here we look at the importance of the judicious use of links.

In fact, the best way to begin exerting that gravity pull on your visitors is to have them sign up for your free newsletter, an option for which you should place in the right column of your home page. The first time that visitors land on your home page, they probably won’t take much notice of your invitation to sign up. But once they recognize the value of your website and anticipate the information you can sure with them through your newsletter, they’re like to return to your home page and opt in for that extra bit of valuable information form you.

Now, you can’t simply put up an invitation and expect that people will simply sign up for your newsletter, or anything else you offer as a way of holding on to visitors. In our spam-infected identify-theft age people are more and more reluctant to give out their email addresses to the sites that ask for it.

Instead you need to give people – your visitors and potential customers – a compelling reason to surrender their email addresses. Don’t do this upfront – don’t ask them to give an email address before they can proceed further into your site; this is off-putting and a real turnoff for people scrolling for information. Instead briefly describe your newsletter, and offer links to past newsletter editions so that your visitors can see firsthand – without yet having to sign up through an email address – the quality and usefulness of your information.

By enticing visitors with your information and the quality of your point of view, they’re more likely to surrender their precious email address, so that they can further begin to engage in a conversation with you, one that might lead to a deeper engagement with your brand and your products.

In our next post, we’ll look at the power of your catalog page on your site.

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