Ways to Make Your Writing More Entertaining

Beneath the Cover, stories of clients, writing a book, storyteller for your readerIn our last post, we looked at how every book needs to be entertaining as well as informative. It’s important to give readers a pleasurable reason to turn the pages as they learn about how you can help them through your process or service.

How do you make your book fun, pleasurable, and entertaining?

Now, again, not all books need detailed big ideas, nuts and bolts and hope. Some categories don’t necessarily provide easy ways for an author to get these across. Still, the more you can include, the more you will raise your book in the eyes of potential readers and buyers to stand out from the competition.

One of the best ways to provide entertainment is through stories of clients you’ve worked with, or of people who’ve gone through similar situations as you or your clients, who’ve succeeded by doing what you’re telling readers about (or who’ve floundered, perhaps, by not doing what you do).

Anecdotal information can be quite entertaining. And by telling stories you will build into your book the necessary surprise and mystery that people want when they read – the kind of thing that keeps them eager to know what happens next.

But you can also enliven your book – that is, be entertaining – by the nature of your writing style. It can be confidential or amusing or conversational, as well as by how you introduce certain topics. If you add fun facts, oddities, counterintuitive conclusions, you can make your reader glad to be in your company.

You can also include interesting artwork or cartoons in your book – the design of your book can add to its entertainment value. You might also want to break out some of your methods or conclusions into boxes that can be illustrated and set apart form the main text – this way you can have fun with your own conclusions and help remind readers of what they’re learning.

Although it might not strike you this way at first, your book should be an adventure for the reader. You want to take the reader from Point A to Point Z – climbing the mountain of your own trials with you, and achieving the pinnacle with you. Be the storyteller for your reader – as well as a teacher and someone who can solve their problems.

We’ll explore this a little further in our next post.

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