What Do Readers Want to Find Online?

publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellIf you offer visitors the information they are looking for, they will take notice. While many people search online for different forms of entertainment, in all likelihood the people in your target market are looking for information that will benefit or interest them. The good news is that you have information to offer.

Back in the first years of the internet boom, website developers realized that people wanted information and many of them simply dumped encyclopedias of information onto their sites. This was a bit like thinking that just because surfers rode waves that any sort of water feature would do. But surfers want certain oceans waves, not ripples. In the same way, people online don’t want any old sort of undifferentiated information. They want specific information that solves their unique problems and that represents their value and fulfills their interests.

A quick look at personality types will help you differentiate the wants of people, which will help you in the creation of your website. The study of personality types is wide, but here are the basic four types:

  • Methodical
  • Competitive
  • Spontaneous
  • Humanistic.

Methodical personalities want quick facts and data. They can’t be bothered with information on an author beyond that which validates the author’s credibility. Methodical personality types get frustrated when they cannot find information in a hurry.

Competitive personalities want to know a great deal about the author and they enjoy searching for information.

A spontaneous personality searches for relationships and for a sense of belonging. While spontaneous personalities need information, they also like to feel they’re part of an author’s network. They are more likely to sign up for newsletters and join in chats. Cold facts turn them off and they are attracted to a more personable approach.

A humanistic personality appreciates a personable approach, but doesn’t want to be part of a group or even identified as a type. Unlike methodical personalities, people with humanistic personalities are turned off by the impersonal delivery of hard facts. Instead, they want personal and individual attention.

In formulating your strategy for building a website, don’t forget how these four distinct personality types communicate and access information. Even though your goal is to focus on a target market, don’t ignore the whole range of populations within that market.

In our next blog, we’ll look at how to change a visitor to a customer.

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