What Do You Stand For?

There comes a time in every business, in every organization, in every life when the pressure to compromise is paramount–when temptation, like a juicy green apple, is inviting you to take a bite.

You shouldn’t fear that moment, you should welcome it.  It is these moments that define you, embolden you, sharpen you.

What you need to fear is not being aware that moments like these even exist.  That means that you are asleep at wheel.  If you are asleep, you are subject to the whims and winds of the moment, and you are vulnerable to become a victim of circumstance rather than the captain of your future.

Michael Drew faced down a moment just like this.

Michael could have easily continued hawking shallow dreams, and he would probably be much richer today (and miserable).  But he didn’t; more accurately, he couldn’t.  Mike knows what he stands for.

May you be so lucky.

One of the benefits of knowing what you stand for is that it makes things clearer to you and to your customer.  And in this wild and overwhelming marketing landscape, clarity is always welcome.

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  • Andrea Reindl

    So much wisdom in so few words. You know, it gets easier the clearer you get as well. Anthony, thanks for the wise direction! It’s something to be reminded of often, especially for us P types!

  • Michael Drew

    As Jeffrey Eisenberg said, transparency is no longer a choice, our only choice is how authentic we are going to be. Authenticity means being integral to who we are in all that we do, no matter how hard the decision to be truly authentic we must stay true to ourselves.

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