What Makes You Better?

Beneath the Cover, uncovery process, The One ThingEntrepreneurs often say that they’re better than the competition, but on a point-by-point basis they sometimes find it hard to explain exactly why. Products, services, even price. But what specifically about the product, what in particular about the services set you apart? And why is your price what it is?

This is all part of our uncovery process, where we seek to dig deep into the psyche of an entrepreneur and help him or her truly articulate what it is that the business or service is that he or she provides.

We ask a lot of questions of our clients before we get to the point where they – and we – have a better idea of what they’re about. This is essential. Questions take us places, even though they make people uncomfortable. We ask pointed questions to receive definite answers.

“”The quality of any answer is directly determined by the quality of the question. Ask the wrong question, get the wrong answer. Ask the right question, get the right answer. Ask the most powerful question possible, and the answer can be life altering,” write Gary Keller and Jay Papasan in their bestselling business book The One Thing. They explain how essential it is to ask what they call the Focusing Question. “The Focusing Question can lead you to answer not only the ‘big picture’ questions (Where am I going? What target should I aim for?) but also ‘small focus’ ones as well (What must I do right now to be on the path to getting the big picture? Where’s the bull’s-eye?)… It’s both a map for the big picture and a compass for your smallest next move.”

Perhaps the most difficult question for our clients during the initial part of our uncovery meeting is to describe for us, and for themselves, what the big idea is of their business. We ask them to give us, at most, a 60-second sales message that gives us not only the concept of their work, but what makes it memorable and what makes it actionable for their clients.

Can you describe your work in this way? What makes you better than the other person? And why?

We’ll continue to explore this in our next post.

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