Why Build A Platform?

How many people know you, or at least know of you, and appreciate your work? Are there 150,000 fans out there? Are you a little short? Well, 150,000 fans what it takes to make a run at bestsellerdom.

Can you imagine releasing your book and then trying to persuade that many people to buy it? Take a breath, you don’t have to. There is a superior way, no matter the size of your current fan bases.

In today’s book publishing world, you need to build a platform by which you can be seen and heard by those who need your message. You need to build a viral relationship with your prospects.

You need a marketing platform more than a Bestselling Book.

Your marketing platform is simply your ability to reach your audience. If you’re accessing them through the internet, seminars, and traditional media, then all of those tools are part of your marketing platform. No matter the size of your budget, or the size of your goals, you cannot have success without a building a platform.

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When you build your platform, you build your name, reputation, and a larger audience.

Seeing your platform as your reach and audience, it’s necessary to build it to have a customer base. The larger your platform, the more people are willing to buy your book or do business with you. We can help.

The value of a well-planned platform is more than just having customers buy your book or from your business. It’s establishing yourself as an expert in your field or niche. A well-planned platform will not only result in customers, but it will result in more loyal repeat customers willing to convince other people you should be the first one to turn to for their needs.
Building a platform properly is the best way to earn respect, admiration, and success in whatever goals you may have. One of the keys to building a platform is to better know and meet the needs of your readers.

Building a platform can also make you more attractive to a traditional publisher, thus increasing your odds of getting published traditionally, depending on how great your platform is.

Content on Beneath the Cover, and our services, can help you stand out in the sea of voice by helping you focus on and better communicate to your audience.