Words that Work with a Competitive Personality

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, competitive personality, valued wordsIn my last post, we looked at how to begin communicating directly with a competitive personality, one who is driven by the need to control, excel and win, who seeks mastery so she can achieve her goals. You ask and answer questions about the motives behind the actions of such competitive personality types in order to better communicate with them.

You also speak their language.

We refer to the language of this targeted communication as valued words. Valued words are those that specific personas use and look for when gathering information to make a decision. These words tend to be part of a particular persona’s vocabulary. A personality type will respond more readily to certain words. Keywords for search-engine results also fit into this category.

Valued words are the words you use when writing copy for personas or that you would include in your book to appeal to the personality types you want to attract. Competitive types tend to be attracted to words that imply results. Tell them right away why your business or service will solve their problem, faster and with greater efficiency. Competitive personalities also like to be challenged.

Examples of Competitive Valued Words

  • Complexity
  • Dominate
  • Entrepreneur
  • Possibilities
  • Precision
  • Solution
  • Superior
  • Winner

Uncovering Competitive Buying Needs

What is the need, problem or opportunity? How will competitive personalities recognize their need, or problem or opportunity for your product or service? Is the need explicit? Where is the need anchored? What does the Persona need to know before buying from you? What might a competitive personality, such as Dorothy – the well known character from The Wizard of Oz whom we used as an example – like to know before buying from you?

A Competitive Personality’s General Buying Needs

  • Wants the very best product or service for the lowest price.
  • Wants the products and services that will make her and her business the best.
  • Needs to know that the best authorities endorse whatever product she’s buying.
  • Needs assurances that the book, product, service that you’re selling will help her to become the best.

A competitive personality such as Dorothy must feel that the product or service you’re offering will give her a distinct advantage over the people against whom she herself is competing. A persona’s buying process requirements are what that persona needs to be able to make a buying decision. If those needs aren’t met, they probably won’t buy.

We’ll continue to explore communicating with competitive personalities in our next post.

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