Wow The People You Connect With

Man is a knot into which relationships are tied.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942

One of the most impactful concepts introduced to me is the concept of be-do-have vs. have-do-be.  I suffered greatly from a have-do-be mentality.  I thought that if I just had more money, more time, a bigger promotion then I could create the value in the world that I was capable of creating.

“Having” was the great excuse for why I wasn’t as successful as  I wanted to be.  It’s a mentality that I see holding good people back every day.

Relationships have a great deal of influence in our lives.  Particularly from a success standpoint.  No one succeeds by themselves.  We always have people who shape our thoughts, influence our decisions and give us a hand when we need it.

So back to the concept of be-do-have.  We have the power in our lives to “be” a certain way with the various people that we come in contact with.  This is where we have the ability to create a “wow” experience for those around us without asking for anything in return.

Building  a name for ourselves in business can be greatly accelerated by “being” a person that goes out and does what needs to be done with others.

This concept seems like common sense but I am amazed at how often we forget this.

Author and Entrepreneur, Rich Christensen, shares his experience with someone who clearly forgot how important relationships are.

On the flip side, I just met with a gentleman named Trent yesterday that blew me away with his value creation and connection.  I met Trent at a business expo recently and he called to ask if he could chat briefly with me.

Now Trent works in financial services and, quite frankly, I was a little leery about meeting with him.  He seemed like a pretty genuine individual when we first met so I decided to meet with him.

As I prepared myself for the impending sales pitch…it never came.  In fact, Trent spent nearly the entire time asking me questions and talking about my business and then connected me with two potential relationships that would be beneficial to my business.

I was floored by the experience.

It was one of the situations where he was so generous that I felt guilty about the exchange and couldn’t wait to talk with him about his business and how I could potentially help him.

That’s wowing the people you connect with.

I wasn’t going to buy from Trent but he left a lasting impression and I wouldn’t hesitate to help in the future if the opportunity presented itself.  That’s how you create relationship capital.  The best part about it is it costs very little. You just need to be yourself and truly care about others.  That’s what wowing your connections in the civic society is all about.

How do you build relationship capital?

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