You Can’t Market Your Business As a Slave–Part 2

By Weston Lyon

(To review Part 1, click here.)

In a business world where speed wins, our technological advancements have served us well. However, technology can be dangerous to your productivity and effectiveness if you’re not careful. In fact, it can make you a slave!

There are 3 forms of technological slavery you have to be aware of that cost you your precious time:

  1. Answering the Phone
  2. Surfing the Internet
  3. Checking & Responding to E-mail

We covered the first two techno tools in Part 1. Let’s cover the Master of All Slave Drivers here and now—

Checking & Responding to E-mail

I’m convinced e-mail is evil.

It’s the biggest time waster we have today. In fact, it’s even responsible for a new disorder that has developed over the past 10 years.

It’s called S&R Disorder, or Send & Receive Disorder.

Here’s how to diagnose it:

  • If you have e-mail alerts every time an e-mail is sent to you—you have S&R Disorder.
  • If you check your e-mail first thing in the morning—you have S&R Disorder.
  • If you check your e-mail every time you walk in the room—you have S&R Disorder.
  • If you check your e-mail in the bathroom, like I used to—you have S&R Disorder.
  • If you constantly look at your Blackberry, Trio, or any other handheld “ball and chain techno tool” for new e-mails—you have S&R Disorder.

The list can go on and on, but you get the point. This disorder is, unfortunately, very common today. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe have already been affected by it.

Don’t be another statistic! Take action!

Here’s how I saved myself from “E-mail the Evil,” and you can, too:

  1. I disabled the feature that allows e-mail to flow into my computer without my knowledge, as well as the “alert” to new e-mails.
  2. I stopped checking e-mail in the morning and started checking e-mail 3 times a day instead.
  3. I stopped checking e-mail 3 times a day and decided to check it only once a day.
  4. I stopped checking and responding to e-mail everyday and decided to check e-mail every day for important messages and to respond only 3 days a week.

Was it easy? No.

Do you have to go to this extreme? No.

But I will tell you I’ve never been as stress-free as I am now. In fact, it’s been exhilarating.

Whether you decide to follow my lead or not, do something to get over this awful, time-stealing, productivity-destroying disorder.

IMPORTANT! Here’s one more lesson about e-mail:

Do not read every one!

I’m sure you get tons of e-mail. I get hundreds a day. And I used to spend all hours reading them. Wow! What a waste of time!

Certain e-mails are probably necessary (depending on what you do for a living). Others waste your valuable time. Eliminate these from your inbox and create more time in your life for what’s important. Don’t read them—just delete them! How do you know which ones? You already know which ones!

Of course, delete the spam. Then delete the ones that raise your blood pressure as soon as you see who they’re from. Finally, delete the ones that have that stupid FW: in front of them.

(NOTE: If you send tons of e-mail, like me, make sure they ADD VALUE to people. If they don’t, then people will delete them without reading them, as well they should!)

The phone, internet, and e-mail can all take away your precious time. They can enslave you in Techno Hell—–but only if you let them.

Be protective of your time. Let nothing and no one stand in your way. Don’t be a slave to technology. Be The Master, not The Slave—–you’re in charge!!!

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One Response to “You Can’t Market Your Business As a Slave–Part 2”

  1. Kyle McNeil March 23, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    This is a poignant and relevant post Weston.

    Thanks for writing it. I’m personally 12 days into a facebook fast, and the gifts of freeing up that once “lost time” have been fantastic.

    These tips around email, and the importance of making these shifts are huge.

    After all, our habits build our life.

    And at some point (or many) we’ll look back on our life, either with joy or with regret. It’s all a choice, and those choices are at our fingertips everyday.

    It’s just a matter of how we use our fingertips.

    With purpose … or as a zombie.

    One of our biggest challenges of “today’.

    Thank you for writing about this,

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