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Beneath the Cover, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellYou need a quality press kit to send to reviewers and journalists and media sources.

A press kit is a promotional package that includes such things as a cover letter, a brief biography of the author or authors, photographs of the author or authors, a mockup of the book’s cover and other information pertinent to your book. This other information can include an interview with you, questions for book clubs, background research and talking points for media follow-up.

The press kit should include a tip sheet, too. A tip sheet is a page that presents the general information about your book – the publication date, the imprint (which publishing house is putting the book out), the book’s ISBN number. In case you don’t know, an ISBN is a tracking and classification number that helps retailers track and, perhaps even more important, report sales of your book.

Your press kit should also include a brief synopsis of your book and data related to its marketing, such as your author profile, blurbs you’ve received in advance of your book, and your marketing plan, which might also include any dates you’ve lined up for personal appearances.

If you’re sending out physical press kits – though this is becoming rare, especially since bound physical galleys are becoming rare – you should choose the proper packaging for your kit. Folders should be colored, with inside pockets. There should be a place to clip a business card, and you will want to glue the cover image to the front.

The point is you want to be noticed, but not in a way that makes someone consider you ridiculous.

But you might not want to send out a physical press kit – and the thing is, most people prefer not to have to deal with them. They’d rather receive something they can click into, copy and paste from, and store virtually.

We’ll address electronic press kits in our next post.

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