Your Other Hero Story: Your Client’s

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, client as your heroIn our last post, we looked at the necessity of crafting what we call a buyer’s journey, the narrative of what the client goes through when engaging with what the client offers, or the problems he or she solves.

You are the hero of your story, of course. But when you look at it from the person who uses your service or your product, then it all changes. The hero of your service is your client. That is, the buyer. So, instead of a hero’s journey – the goal, the obstacles, the outcome – you have a buyer’s journey, with the same elements.

By turning this hero’s journey around, and by examining it from how people interact with you, you will have a new insight into how you’re perceived, how people will interact with you – and how you present yourself to the world.

It’s more than a matter of simply looking at it from the client’s or buyer’s perspective. It’s a matter of being that client or buyer as that client or buyer engages with you at every step of the way. In a sense, it’s not only realizing that your audience is made up of individuals with separate concerns, but that each person’s individual concerns will make a difference in how each client interacts with you.

You need to anticipate your clients’ hesitations, and figure out why the client is hesitating. Then you need to create a narrative to drive that client to take the next step.

Your story has more than one hero. You as the creator, are a hero. Your client, as the user, is a hero. Your client doesn’t think of you as the hero, but as the person who can solve a problem, or who can lead them through toward their goal. That’s a big difference. That will affect how you create the materials that show the world what you offer.

We’ll continue to explore this aspect of our uncovery method in our next post.

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