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Beneath the Cover, media, press pages, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellWe’ve been looking at the elements of your site that draw people further into your gravity well. Here we look at the media and press pages.

Once you begin promoting your book, you need a media/press page. Do not overlook this, even if you have the money to hire an outside publicist. Without a media/press page on your site, both the site and your work risk looking half-baked. When journalists or bloggers look to write about your book, or that you’ll be speaking at an event, or after you’ve spoken at an event, they will want to research your qualifications. So you need to provide that information in your online press kit.

Even if journalists or bloggers already have some of this information, it’s best to keep it ready for anyone who looks for it online. And these days no one wants, or expects, a physical press kit, which is a waste of your money (and of paper). Most people want to get the information they need from your site’s media/press page.

The media/press page on your site should include the following:

  • All press releases related to the book and service
  • Selected articles you’ve written
  • Links to sites that refer to you and your work
  • Downloadable high-resolution (and low-res) images of your book cover and of you
  • A question-and-answer page with sample interview questions
  • Insightful, valuable information about your niche market (for background)

Journalists and bloggers will appreciate the information on your media/press page and making this information useful and easy to find will make them more likely to turn to you as an expert source for future stories.

Never forget that journalists and bloggers can be a great source for expanding your marketing platform. In our time-pressed age, when everyone is doing the work of several coworkers, the easier you make it for overworked journalists to write about you, the more likely they are to do so.

In our next post, we’ll look at using search engines.

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