Your Website Can Be as Important as Your Book

Beneath the Cover, target market, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellThe electronic newsletter today acts as the first layer of the gravity well through your website.

Bear in mind, though, that the tools that make it easier for you to reach your niche market through your website also make it easier for other authors to reach the same target market. Simultaneously, your target market has more power to choose whether or not to give an author pertinent contact information. In fact, a person could be a fan of an author for years without ever purchasing a single product or service, or without giving over any contact details.

Even though tools for websites are widely available most authors fail to give enough time and consideration to the design and writing of their websites. They do not, for instance, develop their material to appeal to different personality types within their target market – the methodical, spontaneous, competitive, humanistic and spontaneous kinds of reader or consumer. People fail to consider professional, detailed methods of developing their marketing platform or of drawing their fans into their gravity well through well-placed links, strategically written information or attractive and targeted messaging. Instead, these authors are satisfied with simply having a web site and then they wonder why more people aren’t purchasing their books or signing up for their newsletters.

While it’s important that you stay closely involved in the creation and development of your website, we strongly recommend working with a developer who can bear some of the burden of building, maintaining and testing your site. The professional should work with you in developing your wireframe – this is the basic interface for your web design – using professional methods of meeting the needs of the personalities you develop and creating specific design elements that we’ve recently discussed, such as links and navigation.

In our next post, we’ll begin to look at creating publicity for your book and your work.

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